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Rolling door AUSTDOOR Steel Door Roll Tile - AustRoll
Steel Door Roll Tile - AustRoll
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Polyglide wire system and rubber gasket along the door to minimize friction, integrated with Austmatic actuator technology to help Roll rolling steel sheet Aust Roll smooth operation, cancel Up to 90% of the noise when opening and closing.

Durable and Fast

The color fastness of door material up to more than 25 years and the spring-loaded C80 steel has a durability of up to 20,000 times the opening / closing of the door to deliver durability. In addition, Austroll is also known for its opening speed of 15 ÷ 20 cm / s, 3 times faster than the aluminum folding door.


Door material is AZ150 Colorbond Alloy Steel from BuleScope Steel - Australia with low body weight (5kg / m2) and spring support system balancing the door body to help steel rolling door. Aust Roll plates operate gently and can be stopped in any position.


Aluroll is a 2-in-1 product line that utilizes two electrically operated functions by means of either the winch or the manual. In addition, the door automatically lights when closed / open and automatically shut off after 3 minutes.


AustRoll Tie Rods The Tweed Tie Rods AustRoll can open emergency exits thanks to the latch bolt made of crimped cable, used manually to close / open the door. In addition, the door can automatically reverse when encountered obstacles, use 24VDC power absolute security and security thanks to anti-cracking technology open.


Survey & Consultancy

Engineering will come directly to the survey, measurement, evaluation, consulting & construction time.

Price quotation contract

Sign the contract of construction that the two parties agreed on the price and requirements of customers.


Constructing and installing works with experienced and professional construction team.

Acceptance & Maintenance

Finished works, handed over to customers for use & maintenance on standard terms.